Memory and concentration workshop – the core skill for interpreting


Whether you are an experienced interpreter or are simply keen to see what interpreting is all about, this

course is for you!


This course is directed at both beginners interested in interpreting and experienced interpreters who

feel they need to improve their memory and concentration. You will learn how to improve your memory

and concentration through various exercises.


We will cover a variety of topics: the environment, economics, international relations, politics, law, etc.

You will learn how to decide what information is crucial and what information is unnecessary. We will

look at different structures in order to understand the thought process of a speech. We will look at

things that are the most difficult to remember, like numbers, names, long convoluted sentences, lists,


Broj časova Trajanje Cena Intenzivni kurs
45 dana
Individualna nastava (dvočas)
do16h / posle16h
24 6 nedelja 360 / /

PREDAVAČ: mr Milica Šajin