Proofreading/Editing legal English

This is a very particular skill that requires an eye for detail. English is increasingly becoming the lingua

franca and because of this the number of non-native speakers publishing works is very high, as well as

the number of works being translated into English from their original language. As a result, English

proofreading has become a crucial skill.


In this course, you will learn:

– what to look for when comparing a translation from Serbian into English (the major nad minor


– the dos and don’ts of proofreading legal documents;

– what to look for when proofreading a text;

– to what extent a legal text can be edited;

– to understand the structure of legal texts;

– the different styles and rules;

– English typographical rules;

– the legal register;

– common legal phrases and terms.


Most importantly, we will use a variety of legal texts and, through practice, learn how to proofread

English texts in the most efficient way. This course will improve your English writing skills, your

understanding of legal jargon and will be very useful for your translation skills too.

Broj časova Trajanje Cena Intenzivni kurs
45 dana
Individualna nastava (dvočas)
do16h / posle16h
20 1 mesec 320 / /

PREDAVAČ: mr Milica Šajin