Preparatory consecutive interpreting course for working in international organisations


Come enhance your interpreting skills and prepare yourself for an exam at the UN, EU or

another international organisation of interest.


This workshop is directed at experienced interpreters wishing to prepare themselves for an

interpreting exam on an international level. We will deal with advanced interpreting

strategies and techniques through various consecutive exercises and you will learn what is

expected of you and will interpret speeches of up to 10-minutes long.


We will interpret speeches on and from a number of organisations, with a particular focus

on the European Union and the United Nations.


We will cover topics such as international law, politics, human rights, European integration,

economics, and any other topics that may be current and of interest in an international



Whether you need to fine-tune your note-taking skills or improve your concentration or

memory, you will benefit from this course.

Broj časova Trajanje Cena Intenzivni kurs
45 dana
Individualna nastava (dvočas)
do16h / posle16h
24 6 nedelja 360 / /

PREDAVAČ: mr Milica Šajin